Palmarosa Oil (10ml)

Palmarosa Oil (10ml)

Palmarosa Oil (10ml)

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  • Paraben Free. 100% Natural. No synthetic fragrances.
    1)Mood elevating & relaxing
    2)Maintains moisture balance in body
    3)Rich in anti-aging properties
    5)Natural deodorizer
  • FRESHNESS ASSURED: Aromazeia Palmarosa Essential Oil comes in an amber colored glass bottle to block the light and keep the oil fresh.
  • UNDILUTED: We never dilute our essential oils with preservatives or any liquid.

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  • Aromazeia is 100% Pure and Natural. Paraben-Free. No Synthetic Fragrances. Undiluted. Ideal For Aromatherapy.

    Palmarosa is a grass whose botanical name is Cymbopogon martini

    The health benefits of Palmarosa Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, cytophylactic, digestive, febrifuge, and hydrating substance.

    Palmorosa Essential Oil is also well known for its hydrating properties and is one of nature’s star upholders of skin health. As it is a natural hydrater, it regulates skin moisture and oil production and is good for both dry and oily skin with its self renewal properties. It balances the seabum production of your skin, aids in the healing of cuts and bruises and helps remedy acne breakouts. 

    Plamorosa is known as a rich source of geranial – which is the main active ingredient of the plant and act as a repellent and keeps mosquitoes flies and spiders at bay. 

    Palmorosa Essential Oil is used in aromatherapy as a means of reducing stress levels and easing anxiety. It also
    has strong sedative properties and can help you get a good night sleep allowing your body to heal itself
    and rejenuvates.

    Mood elevating & relaxing 
    Natural deodorizer 
    Maintains moisture balance in body 
    Rich in anti-aging properties 
    Stress reliever

    This product does not contain any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. It is guaranteed to be a 100% pure and natural product.

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