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Turmeric Essential Oil Uses and Benefits
16 Oct 2018 Admin

Turmeric Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Turmeric, the bright-orange root, which is well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-malarial, anti-tumor, anti-proliferative, anti-protozoal and anti-aging properties.
Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a perennial herbaceous plant from the Zingiberaceae family, the same plant family as ginger. The word “turmeric” comes from the Latin “terra merita” meaning meritorious or sacred earth. Turmeric Essential Oil has the same benefits as the root.

Below listed are some of the benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil :

Turmeric essential oil for Skincare

  • Acne : The  anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of the oil will dry out the pimples and prevent further breakouts.
  • Use it as a Facial Mask : It will give you an anti-bacterial advantage, making your skin glow, without any side effects.
  • Dimish Face Lines & Wrinkles : The antioxidant rich turmeric oil can eliminate the signs of aging.
  • Works on Blemishes and Marks : Using it with any other carrier oil such as olive oil or jojoba oil will give you a blemish-free skin.
  • Gives you Radiant Skin : You can use it as a skin rejuvenator, if your face lacks glow.

Turmeric essential oil for Haircare

  • Good for Scalp Treatment : Use turmeric essential oil with coconut, olive, jojoba or apricot oilan for itchy scalp or any kind of fungal infection.
  • Use it in case of Hair Loss : Massage your scalp with the oil and the anti-fungal properties will cure the fungal infection causing hair loss.
  • Get rid of Dandruff : The anti-microbial properties of the turmeric oil will help you get rid of dandruff problems with time.

Turmeric essential oil for Health Benefits

  • Helps Fight Colon Cancer
  • Helps Prevent Neurologic Diseases
  • Aids in Reducing Arthritis and Joint Issues
  • Potentially Treats Epilepsy
  • Helps Combat Breast Cancer
  • Improves the Common Cold
  • Relieves Depression and Anxiety
  • Improves Liver Health
  • May Reduce Some Leukemia Cells

Turmeric essential oil is considered a strong relaxant and balancer. According to Ayurveda, this is an energizing herb. Always purchase turmeric oil that is 100 percent pure.

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