Behind such a brilliant product there is a true and heartfelt story.

The story of the founder of Aromazeia , Mr.Akhilesh Pathak and his daughter Ms.Swapnil Pathak. The story shows how you can channelize your own pain into something that benefits all. Mr.Akhilesh Pathak met with an accident in the year 1999 and broke his shoulder which caused unbearable pain even after the plaster had been removed.

After trying all kind of solutions and pain killers, he decided to make pain relief oil on his own. Mr Pathak took lot of pain and worked hard by trying combinations of herbs in different proportion and finally the success knocked at his door when a perfect blend of oil finally emerged, which was distributed to many people having muscular/joint pain, and each one of them reported to have been relieved from pain.

When Mr.Pathak's daughter,Ms.Swapnil Pathak,came to know about this amazing pain relief oil,she decided to take this product to masses. She came back home from Pune,subsequent to completion of her engineering studies in the year 2012. Having tremendous entrepreneurial skills,

Swapnil decided to go into mass production of this product so that the benefit of the product can be passed on to a much larger population suffering from pain. She worked day and night for three years and reached this stage when this herbal pain relief oil is being manufactured in the foothills of Himalayas,for the benefit of people belonging to any strata of the society.
Thus,creativity of Mr.Pathak combined with entrepreneurial skills of his daughter Swapnil has transformed a dream into truth, and the very first product from Aromazeia in the form of pain relief oil has been launched.
The journey does not end here. Aromazeia team is working hard to come out with many other medicinal/beauty products made out of pure and natural herbs in time to come.