Jasmine absolute (Sambac)

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Botanical Name
Jasmine Sambac


Country of Origin

F.E.M.A. #

Color & Odor
Reddish brown in color and has a sweet, floral and warm odor.

Methods of Extraction
Solvent Extraction

It is solvent extracted from the flower of Jasmine Sambac.The absolute is reddish brown in color and has a sweet, floral and warm odor. It is used in perfumery compounds, aromatherapy and high end cosmetics.

         ·         Rejuvenates skin. It helps in treating dry or dehydrated skin, eczema, and dermatitis. However, it should not be applied to open wounds as it can cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. 

·         Works as an antiseptic. The benzaldehyde, benzoic acid, and benzyl benzoate in this oil have antiviral and germicidal properties. It prevents possible infections when applied to wounds. 

·         Treats spasms. It aids in alleviating spasmodic cough, stomach cramps, and spasms in other body parts. 

·         Mind relaxation. The oil can improve your state of mind by inducing confidence, optimism, and euphoria. It helps banish fear, guilt, and stress.The aroma of the oil helps relax and uplift the spirit.

Although it is regarded to be a safe oil, it is best avoided during pregnancy. 

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