Chamomile Tea

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What could be a better start to the day than a cup of organically grown, handpicked, caffeine free 
herbal tea all the way from the serene Himalayas!

Freshen up your soul with the salubrious infusion of chamomile in hot water. A healthy alternative to tea 
& coffee, this tea made from  leaves of chamomile is soothing and relieves stomach upsets and indigestions. 
A cup every morning helps alleviate insomnia. 

Aromazeia’s chamomile tea is being organically cultivated at a height of 6000ft in the Himalaya.

Health Benefits:
1.Promotes Sleep
2.Promotes Healthy Skin
3.Soothes Stomach Ache
4.Relieves Anxiety & Tension
5.Relieves Headache
6.Immunity Booster


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