Aromazeia Pain relief oil is the ONE STOP SHOP for any kind of pain!

At Aromazeia, we strongly believe in the abundance of Mother Nature to benefit its children and ensure that the affection is spread to the world as nature"s gift in the purest form. We are constantly in the process of harnessing this precious gift from nature and now, are also proud that the effectiveness of our products has started to reverberate in the hearts of our beloved customers!

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Aromazeia Basil Oil Essential

Basil (also known as Tulsi) is worshipped in India as a sacred plant owing to its mythological and botanical significance. Hence, in the process of making the Basil essential oil, it is quintessential that the constituent oils should be produced uniformly and naturally. Aromazeia brings to you this wonderful gift in the form of the Aromazeia Basil essential oil right from the foothills of The Himalayas.

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seed oil is an amber / pale-orangish brown coloured essential oil in appearance. It possesses an earthy sweet fragrance which is a characteristic of the “Daucus Carota” plant from which this oil is extracted.

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