• Love it! This fragrance is perfect. It is one of the most beautiful fragrances I have ever experienced. I looked for YEARS for mitti atttar, on the Internet and in NYC, and was amazed to finally find it on Amazon.com. The scent of rain on dry earth is truly magically captured in that bottle, and the bottle is lovely, too, as is the box it came in. This may be the very best thing I've ever bought on Amazon.
  • This is NOT just a smell it does more things in the nose This is unbelievable. This smells exactly like first rain on hot soil. I mean this even has that rough feel of dirt that goes in ur nose like when its super windy during the first rain with lots of wind flowing. I don't know how they did that but this is not just a smell it does more things in the nose that just a smell. I has that sharp dusty feeling when u smell it.
  • Aromazeia - A wonderful product, in this era of fakes and misleading statements, here is a company that is genuine and delivers what it claims. Product arrive by Blue Dart. Excellent packing. Have been using the product for last two months and its amazing. What Fragrance, awesome!!! reviewing the product after two months of usage, and i can say that it is true value for money. Thank you Aromazeia for an outstanding range of products and Amazon for making it reach us.
  • Incredible!! Though it's hard to believe that it is actually possible to capture the scent of rain in a bottle, these guys have done it! There is nothing, nothing at all you will smell except the pure, clear and majestic smell of rain. Totally mesmerizing! It lasts long when you smell it through the applicators provided. I applied it on my pillow as well and it was a great experience. It truly is an antidepressant and a stress reliever. Also, this beautifully packed bottle of attar comes in a black velvet box which surely wouldn't let your take your eyes off it. Totally addicted to this attar!


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